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Adidas and Nike Change the Game

By February 23, 2015 Adidas, Events, Fashion, Nike No Comments

The Future of Buying Kicks

We have all had those moments, its early Saturday morning and all you want is to buy your kicks and go back to sleep. Instead, you go back to bed empty-handed, mad, and beaten by a Bot!  Well Adidas and Nike are looking to level the playing field a little with their recently unveiled sneaker apps.

Adidas Confirmed

Adidas Confirmed App-Get Fly Kicks

Last week “Adidas Confirmed” was introduced as a new and improved way for customers to get their hands on exclusive kicks. Adidas Confirmed uses your phones geo-targeting technology to confirm your location, and when exclusive kicks become available in your area you’ll receive a push notification. All you need to do is , hit the reserve button and pick up your kicks in store, it’s just that easy.

In a recent interview with Forbes magazine, Simon Atkins , Adidas VP of Brand Activation said :

“If you look at the landscape today in our industry, it can be very frustrating… People are faced with several issues that gets in the way of a seamless transaction.  A lot of retailers use a lottery system in brick and mortar.  A lot of people believe the system is rigged.  Because of a live re-sale industry, a lot of people trying to game the system.  We’ve tried to be the first in the industry to cut through all of that.”

Read the full interview here. It’s also no coincidence that the release of the Adidas Confirmed app coincides with the release of one of the most hyped sneakers of the year, the Yeezy Boost 750.


Not to be out done by Adidas, Nike also released their “SNKRS” app last week. SNKRS looks to stream line your Nike kicks buying experience. It allows consumers to customize their feed on the app, so if all you want is information on Jordans and NSW kicks, that’s all you’ll see. The app also reduces the amount of time it takes to checkout. It gives you the option of having your size, address, and credit card information pre-set.

So which App is better ?

While both are steps in the right direction, it would be nice for Nike to use a location-based reservation system. We’ll see how well the Adidas Confirmed app works when the Yeezy Boost 750 gets a wider release later this month. What are your thoughts? Will these apps be the new way you buy kicks?

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As always , stay safe , stay fly.

– Javier Ponce

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