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Suzuki bandit 1200s instrument cluster removed and the complete chaos it causes

By October 10, 2021 Uncategorized No Comments

hey guys come Topsy down mom I’m doing  this little short vid because yeah that  I took off side fairing the lights  windshield just to get to my speedometer  cuz I cuz I hated I hated though they’re  like they’re like orangish lights well  they’re orange damnit  hey you could pretty much see him there  I took off my speedometer or my  instrument cluster and looked on YouTube  I couldn’t find anything looked online  once again can find just to get to  it but to sum it up how it’s done  take off your fairing left and right you  can leave the bottom went on they just  kind of bolt on  right there so after you do that take  all that off you must disconnect  these two this one and this one gonna  feed it this way take it pull it out and  the only way to pull it out is you need  a 10 mil or was it to see hold on where  to go where to go where to go okay you  need can’t see it but you need an 8 mil  socket take it to these and then it’s a  little bit more but screwdriver to get  to these two tick just this off but you  also have to tick off your light  those are my lights so you gotta take  those off your windshield the front part  your mirrors just to take off your  lights now I for one thought I was gonna  be an easy process fairly easy process  it just turned into just after   after but I think by  far the r6 fairings

pro is with that screw you don’t  even have to put in there to make it fit  like that add actually comes out in and  out it actually goes  yeah now I don’t know why I did that boo  boo boo boo whatever the that’s  pretty much the process man I’m just  gonna put it together and of course you  have to do the bolts right here in the  front and yeah apparently one of my  crashes ended up cashing that site  but it’s a lot of work a lot of  painstaking work it’s just a pain in the  ass in general I wouldn’t do it if you  want to install LED lights on your  instrument cluster on a suzuki bandit  there’s two things you’re gonna you’re  gonna need patience and a damn soldering  degree because they’re tiny square LED  lights or just little tiny squared  lights I think there’s like five and  grand total than one two three four five  in the center I think I didn’t I didn’t  have the patience to pull everything off  but you you have to have I guess the  soldering degree or some another to  do it because it was a pain in the ass  and I would not do this again but you  know the story is just showing you guys  what you have to do in order to get to  it all the you got to take off and  just take apart just to get to r1 fairings

it and I  mean if if you want LED LED instrument  cluster just just buy a new one  seriously it’s just buy a new one  because the chances of it screwing up  and I have some tiny LED lights that  like that one down there I thought I was  gonna be able to plug in or just at  least find out the size but I mean  they’re they’re tiny they’re I mean  they’re really really tiny so I couldn’t  do it that’s pretty much it I’m just  gonna go ahead throw everything back on  but  after you just do a hit I’ll go ahead  and just tell you after you got this set  up the next part that goes back in is  your headlights just put them back here  and there’s bolts that scrolling right  here and right there so you got these  two bolts let’s screw on to the head the  headlamp and that kind of just this one  just kind of tucks under it 2006 gsxr 600 fairings

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