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DL650 Vstrom L0 Fuel Tank Removal.mpg

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you  you  first thing that we need to do before we  start this  Cesar is to take the bike seat off to  remove this part this is from the right  side I already did the left because it’s  a petition I will only show you the  right side and most of the side it has  got this screws of a star shape or  hexagon side whatever you want to call  them the actual screwdriver that I’m  going to use to take the screws out is  this so starting from here this is the  first start shape screw and then we have  one more here and on top we also have  another one here that we have to release  and on the side two more one here and  another one here then we have one big  one at the radiator side it actually  holds the radiator it’s one of
2006 gsxr 600 fairings     the  holding screws here in this sort of like  air vent you can see another one but  this one is actually a normal one  Philips one and there is one that we  cannot see that now it is vertical to  this Philips one but I will show this  when we take it out and finally there is  a bottom plastic which has got fasteners  as you can see from this side as I  already said I took them off so we have  one here in the center another one here  another one from the inside  and the final one there so this is our  the thing I have to mention is that a  this crews do not have all the same  length so you have to take notice a  where you took which one of what you  remove it from for this reason this is  why we use this papers from the printer  the left calling I already did the  diagram in the printer paper so that you  can relate and see well you took each  screw out from so this one is out now we  will move to the bottom one which is  here then we will move below  now for this one which is of the  radiator we might need to use because I  have protective this but you might need  an extension so this one is out also  this one is also out so now that we  removed this screw from here we will  take this plastic piece off quite  easy we pass to the front part of the  motorcycle and here in this sort of air  vent we have a normal screw one screw  this one so the next thing that we have  to do is take
the fasteners out the  fasteners are some let’s say plastic not  screws that you push them in the grub  between the two plastics we will start  from the center it’s at left you can  take any small object this is an allen  key  it is quite thin so I can press in the  middle and then you will hear this sound  and this means that it is unlocked then  you take it out this is the fastener  when we want to put it back you just put  it in the hole and we press and it is  locked the next one is over here again  press and use your nail maybe and you  take it out this is a big one fasten  that we are going to take out is this  one it is close to the radiator again  with the same method press use your nail  grab and take it out next one is over  here  so now that we took the fasteners out  can remove this bottom plastic now that  we took the bottom part from here out  there is a tricky screw that you cannot  see before taking this bottom part out  and if you try to grab and take this out  you will break it and this is plastic  should be very careful of course this  one from the other side but as I said  that I already took it out it’s a normal  screw with a normal screwdriver be very  careful when you are unlocking the  plastic parts together if you see here  this plastic hook is also very fragile  now what we have to remember is that  somewhere inside here there is a rubber  base just like this one here I moved on  a nine from  ninja 300 fairings  the left side and I’m going  to show you this rubber base as though  the best again it is from the inner part  of the plastic I will zoom in to figure  to see this is it so this is where a  plastic spike hooks on this rubber base  and I will show you now how to take it  outside the first thing I’m going to do  is gently pull this plastic and it  reveals that there is a hook here and  this plastic that grabs this one so the  first thing to do is unhook this  otherwise you will not be able to take  this rubber base out now that we unhook  this plastic the next thing is to take  this sort of spike that hooks inside  this rubber base you only have to put  your finger and press the plastic spike  so now plastic comes out again be very  gentle not to break anything this is how  comes out I will show it now to you  the whole fuss is made for this rubber  base this one this is very easily taken  out and you lose it there are some bases  like this rubber one but these are four  screws four metal screws again be very  careful not to lose those you can see  one here the one here there’s another
one here now the last part to take out  from plastic is this this part in the  middle it uses to fasten studs to  fasteners to be secured again with the  allen we press pick on this is the last  fastener again press with the allen key  also put your other hand for resistance  press it comes out this is the last  fastener we have to first open the tank  from this side I forgot to mention that  we also need a nut which is of size 12  and again screw this bolt  this board holds what the manual at  least the manual calls it drop maybe  because it looks like a propeller we  take it out and then we lift a bit the  gas tank and put the pot to the right  place so that it holds it securely in  order to take it out the gas tank I mean  we have to disconnect the fuel hose  which is this part here it has these two  white plastic levers that you can push  and then you just hold back this so this  is a fuel hose it comes out have  something for some drippings of gasoline  to protect your bike give it a good wipe     2007 zx6r fairings   then you can put this around it and  leave it hanging for a while the next  thing that we have to disconnect is the  coupler you have to press this small  plastic here and then pull it from above  to take it out it comes off and now we  have only disconnect the hose which is  from the other side the last thing to  disconnect as I said is the holes this  hole hey if it has some sort of safety  clip or something you need to cut it and  take it out so that you can lift the  fuel done so we take the holes out  this is the last part it’s two bolts  here they are connected and you need for  this it ends with a 10 knot and also  another 10 key like this one then will  we explore this it’s done and now by  hand we take it out so now we ready  click the pupil shoot the boat Thank You  easy and make sure if you have somewhere  to put it where it will not be scratched  or be damaged  you

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