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Africa twin fairing removal

By July 8, 2021 Uncategorized No Comments

all right this is my Africa twin I was  installing a Garmin GPS in it see I get  the mount right there  is using the stock stuff but I took it  all apart and as I was putting it all  back together this little guy fell down  in there so I’m going to have to go in  and retrieve it so I figured I’d put a  little video with some info as to what I  did  there’s a plastic strip it goes from  here to there tell it on the velcro is  as you can see both sides are the same  the only thing you have to remember on  this is when you’re pulling the bolts  out that these right here use these  bolts and any everywhere else will use  these bolts so you remove that once you  remove that hardware we’re just going to  tilt
motorcycle fairings    it up a little bit as you’ll see  these little notches right here then  next you’ll remove this bolt and this  bolt both sides   are pretty similar and  then you’ll start on doing two pop  rivets so you can see there’s one there  and then also there’s one right there  that you might not be able to see on  this side you’ll remove those two and  then on the opposite side you remove  that one right there and that one right  there for the back view of view for the  bike there and there once you do that  you’ll come down  we’ll remove that one that one that one  and this one as you can see these are  the style that you just depress the  center and pull

them out I use a little  flat tip screwdriver to pull them out  doesn’t appear to damage it too much  also I believe you get those things  pretty easily so I’m going to pause one  second after I pull that out and then  I’m going to show you how to remove the  plastic all right one thing I did forget  to mention is that on the underside  there are two ones there and one is  right there as you can see just going to  depress look better  sometimes you can get with your finger  sometimes you have to use do is let the  camera all right so when you’re removing  these plastics I said if I remove these  I’m going to start right here you can  see it’s got a little rubber grommet  just pull it out a little bit fit sound  horrible then as you get towards up here  there’s one more well straight out now  that what I noticed that’s the first  time doing
ninja 250r fairings    it is basically from about  here back you have to pull directly out  from the bike and then once you get to  the front you’ll have to pull straight  forward of the bike and that will  release it from those rubber holders so  see if I can do this with just one hand  you can say more right there  there was one down yeah there’s not one  down here that was all help us buy it  over and then right here pull straight  out they come right off do one hand when  you put it back together  it’s all very similar just I like to  start from

the forward press them in on  these little rubber holders right there  you can see still got still got them  right now not the other side with until  I learned this lesson and then for those  of you that are curious I ran the  cabling down I’m looping up all this  extra stuff that came with the Jeep GPS  down here and then running it through I  lifted off the gas tank and then I  actually soldered the connections to to  a some loops and  r6 fairings   then connecting them to  the battery this is just temporary until  I can get some time to get a fuse box  and do it correctly also for those that  are curious this is a good opportunity  to check your air filters as they’re  right here there are literally four  screws and then just tilt out in a way  there’s going to be a little rubber  rubber catch under there can’t probably  see and yeah I’ll cover pulling the rest  off and another video Thanks

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