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How to Install a Memphis Shades Windshield

By August 21, 2021 Uncategorized No Comments

everybody David Jordan thanks for  watching today we’re going to install a  windshield on my motorcycle stay tuned  so I’m getting ready to take a an  extended trip on the bike and I decided  that I wanted a windshield that I could  put on and take off just a little extra  protection on the road for the rain and  bugs at night just things like that and  for all kinds of reasons so what I did  was I purchased a Memphis Shades  windshield from Cool Springs Motorsports  and here in Franklin Tennessee and I  want to shout out to that crew over  there those guys are wonderful Chris  Kristina I’m gonna mess this up    r6 fairings    nokey Canuck kanuma he’s going to fuss  at me for that and Jeremy you guys have  been awesome  I appreciate it Kristina you start that  YouTube channel like you said you were  going to Chris wait on YouTube brother  all right so those guys hooked me up the  submit fish ate the the size according  to size chart for me that’s going to be  about a 19 inch this is the facts F 80s  windshield so it’s a little wider than  some so I didn’t want something I wanted  something that would provide you know  like pretty decent protection also I had  to get the brackets that go with it and  they look like this and it doesn’t look  like it’s not going to be a very  difficult install but I thought some of  you guys might and gals might be  interested so let’s do this so the first  thing I’m doing is for the headlight  cones  I’m taking out these two so that the  brackets will fit in there and that’s  not difficult  I put the hex key goes with it into
the  slot I’m using to sock it make it easier  to this taken the other two out right  now we put the bracket on just like this  again this is the bottom part here this  is the top up here so I put the bracket  on just like that  a plastic washer on and I’ll start the  cat I’ll do that for both of them I’m  not going to tighten these up just yet  I’m going to leave them a little loose  till I get all they’ll get both of them  on and then I will adjust my start foot  all right so  r1 fairings   the bracket that’s how the  brackets go with the flange facing in  and the hooks facing down next we take  this bracket we’re going to take the nut  out of it that using the long end of the  allen key so you can get around there  this part just simply comes right apart  there I’m going to put this facing out  and with the little loop part forward  and slide that around this part actually  just kind of goes in there like that and  then just kind of snaps in place which  it looks like it’s going to be really  complicated but it’s not and then I will  put the allen key for the nut bolt back  in place let me too tight  and I will just tighten that up get it  approximately where I want and leave
it  right there and then I’m going to do put  all four of them on there all right so  all four of mounting brackets are on now  and you want to make sure that they’re  pointing out outward from the bike and   yamaha r1 fairings   you wanna make sure the little loop  there is going toward the headlight like  you see there okay  and I’ve got all four of them on not  very difficult like I showed you and and  essentially what I’m going to do now is  put the shield on there in the brackets  and align the bottom to get get them  where they’re where they need to go  then I’ll lock down the two bottom ones  and then start working on the two top  ones for final adjustments well there it  is  it took about it took about 30 minutes  to get it on and all I did was I put all  four of those brackets on there and then  I seated I took the windshield and put  the two bottom hooks in the brackets and  then moved the top brackets around so I  could get the the top ones in there and  then locked in place this is a removable  shield and once I did that I was able to  adjust the whole shield to the desired  height that I was looking for for me  it’s got to go right to the bridge of my  nose and that’s exactly where this one  fits and so I like to stay and talk some  more but that’s not going to happen  you

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