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Creative Recreation – Get Fly Kicks Feature Designer

Creative Recreations-Get Fly Kicks

Creative Recreation Back story!

Creative Recreation was founded in Los Angeles in 2002 with the sole purpose of designing footwear that fuses work and play. Inspired by the spirit of street art – with its bold creative expression and out of bounds thinking – Creative Rec doesn’t sit quietly or complacently on the sideline. We thrive in energy-charged environments, where statements are made and are unified by a single idea – that creativity matters.

Footwear for young professionals with style was no where to be found. Finally, two long time friends (To co-founders, Creative Recreation - Get Fly Kicks stylesRobert Nand and Rich Cofinco), who were already enjoying successful careers in the footwear industry, decided they would be the ones to change the game. Realizing that this generation was not going to follow in the same footsteps as the one before, Creative Recreation began their own journey. They realized early on, that being successful in today’s world economy did not require wearing a suit and tie. It was just the opposite. This generation is in control of its destiny. This generation is more creative and certainly more inventive in terms of recreation; thus the stylish sneaker was born.

There was a huge gap between kicks for play and well kicks for play in the professional world. This is where Creative Recreation comes in because they bridged that gap. There was the same old stuffy shoes for business, even business days that really did not call for stuffy business shoes. This is where Creative Recreation steps in and says you can now wear casual Fly Kicks for the work space during those not so professional days and in my case all the time.

What asked about their demographic this what Co-founder Robert Nand says: “The need to define a particular demographic. We don’t have a demographic, tells Nand. We want to be known as a company that makes footwear. We do everything we can to not get stuck in one demographic or another.”

Originality is a pillar of CR. How do you continually maintain originality?
Nand: We just do us. We don’t look to other brands to see what direction their going in. We just follow our own path and make shoes for us.

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