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Top 3 Skateboarding Kicks, you won’t agree with!

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Image by: rafael-castillo

Skateboarding Kicks…

Top 3 skateboarding kicks, It was not that easy coming up with this list, as you know this is a very subjective field and I do not expect everyone to agree with me.

Also let’s be really clear this list is in random order and in our view none is better than the other.  The Criteria for making the list was as follows:

  • Where the kicks specifically developed for skateboarding
  • Have the kicks had a significant impact in skateboarding culture
  • Do the kicks have an iconic skateboarding history
  • Do they look “Skater-ish” (We made up that word)
  • Do they just plain rock
  1. Vans

What can we say, here is a skateboarding icon to the max. Born in the 60’s this skateboarding legend wreaks of kick flips and railing. Which big name skater do you know who has never worn a pair of Vans? Since the 70’s Vans becomes the shoe of choice for a generation of skateboarders. They have an impressive list of Pro and legendary skaters on the Vans roster.

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  1. DC Shoe Co.

Founded in 1994, DC quickly grew to become a leader in performance skateboarding. Not the newest kid on the block but DC shoes quickly ramped up and with their current list of pro skaters on the DC roster it easy to see why! They have definitely made their mark in the skateboarding scene.

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  1. Fallen Footwear

Fallen has a pretty specific tagline “DESIGNED AND BUILT FOR SKATEBOARDERS, BY SKATEBOARDERS.” So as far as I am concerned that makes for a shoe company that knows what it is talking about when it comes to skateboarding.

DSM was built under the direct supervision of active professional skaters with the intent of capturing and translating the nuances of their personal decks into both procedures and specialized equipment. This increased sensitivity to subtleties enables DSM to deliver these tightened tolerances straight to the general public so they get exactly what the pro’s actually ride with complete consistency. Now for you planet-conscious skaters out there, Fallen makes shoes free of animal products.

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So you do not agree, eh?

Well which brands do you think should be the top 3 on the list? Please comment and share with us your skateboarding wisdom. We just might agree with you!

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